由 Chris Holt 和 Megan McLoughlin 主持的 LexisNexis® IP 博客节目

Chris 和 Megan 都是专利律师,过去几年一直在深入研究专利数据,致力于改善专利过审流程。

Chris 发明出可以改善专利审查结果的 LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® 系列工具产品,而 Megan 则帮助他维持产品运行顺畅。借助 PatentAdvisor™ 等工具,Chris 和 Megan 深入研究专利数据如何影响日常专利审查以及专利组合管理决策。他们的目标是让专利过审流程更加透明,辅助专利律师制定正确决策,让专利审查更加迅速、提高成本效率并成功实现专利优化!


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Chris Holt

Chris 是 PatentAdvisor 专利分析副总裁,拥有 15 年以上的专利律师经验,专长于电气和机械、计算机硬件以及软件发明领域的美国及国际专利事宜。作为 PatentAdvisor 联合创始人,Chris 致力于借助创新突破性的专利局分析工具,让专利审查流程更加透明。

Megan McLoughlin

Megan McLoughlin 是 PatentAdvisor 产品总监,该产品是一套完整的专利审查管理工具。她之前在 Nutter, McClennen, & Fish 律师事务所担任专利律师,主要负责撰写和审查专利申请。她的工作涉及多种行业,包括医疗器械、食品行业、软件、打印机和生物技术。Megan 拥有莱斯大学的生物工程学理学士学位和哈佛法学院的法学博士学位。

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#47 Patent Analytics: Table Stakes for Law Firms

Chris interviews Ken Gemmill, Business Operations Manager for LexisNexis IP. In his career, Ken has witnessed the birth of analytics entering the patent business. He routinely speaks with law firms that are using analytics in their patent prosecution....

#46 Troubled Patents: Should We Get Aggressive or Give Up?

Chris shares an experience from an Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) Regional Conference where he sat on a panel representing the perspectives of a client, attorney, patent office and analytics. Each panelist shared from their point of...

#45: Patent Data Comparisons: Am I Better Than You?

Chris explains the concept of the "alignment report," a software tool for determining whether a company or law firm's prosecution performance is in line with what is normal at the USPTO. As he and Megan discuss the goals and potential pitfalls of such data...

#44: Can I Please Get A New Patent Examiner?

Chris and Megan discuss the challenges of getting a new examiner by filing a continuation application. In spite of the difficulties, this strategy has worked for some attorneys with the right tools—including LexisNexis PathWays™. PathWays predicts which...

#43: Zynga and the Impact of Classification

Chris and Megan review the prosecution history and examiner statistics for U.S. Patent No. 8,272,961, a patent owned by gaming giant Zynga. The patent covers a broad range of online gameplay but was issued surprisingly quickly. However, even more...

#42: Prosecution Patterns with Professor Tu

Professor Sean Tu returns to talk to Chris and Megan about his research into what drives examiner behavioral patterns. His previous research revealed pockets of fast-moving and slow-moving examiners, but now he aims to answer the question "how are...

#41: Naughty Words in Pre-Grant Documents

Chris and Megan search through image file wrapper documents for oddities ranging from typographical errors to name-calling. Have you ever wondered how many times applicants lost their temper with the examiner on the record? Which art units issue the most...

#40: Top 5 Audibles in Patent Prosecution

Chris and Megan pinpoint 5 prosecution scenarios where a strategy change may be necessary in light of the statistics. Like football, prosecution is a back-and-forth between the examiner and the applicant that requires constant reevaluation. For example,...

#39: Experience Matters More Than You Think

Chris and Megan discuss the importance of examiner experience in shaping prosecution strategy. Experience level is one of the factors in the calculation of ETA, PatentAdvisor’s proprietary metric that predicts the probability and difficulty of allowance,...

第 38 期:“每月搞笑专利”博客幕后分析

Chris 和 Megan 从“每月搞笑专利”博客中精心挑选了数项专利,详细介绍了这些专利的审查历史。 该博客由 Alice 创建,重点关注(可能)过度宽泛的软件专利,但之后 Alice 也……

第 37 期:Michael Lewis 的 The Undoing Project :书评

Chris 和 Megan 谈论了 Moneyball 一书的续作,其中作者 Michael Lewis 指出了人们在决策方面的不足之处,而这也适用于专利审查。与大多数专家一样,专利专业人士也存在固有偏见,会对他们的战略决策产生负面影响……

第 36 期:推出终极指标

Chris 为 Megan 介绍了一种用于衡量专利审查员行为的革新方法:PatentAdvisor ETA™。与专利授权率不同,ETA™ 可以同时估计专利获批几率和所需时长。由于这种方法仅基于……

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