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Framing Your Patent Application for Easier Patent Prosecution

Patent practitioners often approach the patent process as if all patent examiners at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will examine their patent application similarly. In reality, though there are procedural and substantive guidelines that all...

Going Green for Improved Patent Prosecution

Everyone is going green! And in this case, “going green” has nothing to do with our planet. Ever since LexisNexis® IP launched PatentAdvisor ETA™, the most predictive patent prosecution metric yet, patent professionals are striving to have their patent...

Infographic: Examiner Lottery Framework™

Patent analytics simplifiedPatent examiner variability exists at every level of the Patent Office. Now you can easily see how the variability impacts your pending patent applications. The three proprietary new metrics in LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® will help you predict...

Research Tips

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Bad Data In Prosecution Analytics

Patent data analytics is an invaluable tool for navigating patent prosecution as effectively and efficiently as possible, but it is important to remember that the data sets that will be most useful to you as a patent professional will change throughout the various...

Top 5 Patent Search Questions

Common Client Questions and How Patent Searches Can Help Find Answers #1. "Can I make, use, and/or sell my product?" In all reality, your client may not have the foresight to ask, but a patent professional knows that launching a product without conducting a patent...



#57: Pro se what? A Deep Dive into Art Unit 3649

Inspired by a listener's question, Chris and Megan do a deep dive into art unit 3649: the “pro se” art unit. The USPTO created this art unit in 2015 to help guide pro se applicants—those who choose to represent themselves before the USPTO—through the...

#56: Put the “Lawyer” Back in Patent Lawyer

Patent practitioners typically turn to prosecution analytics to help them prosecute more efficiently. With the rise of fixed fees and a clientele that is constantly demanding more for less, there is significant pressure to complete tasks more quickly. But...

#55: Win the Patent Examiner Lottery

Chris and Megan remind leaders about the new proprietary metric, ETA (Examiner Time Allocation) and introduce two new deeper dive metrics. Before you file, these metrics will give you an understanding of your chances of "winning the examiner lottery" that will help...

Just for Fun

No Dice for Casino Games Patent

On 十二月 28, 2018, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit upheld the USPTO’s rejection of a patent application titled “Casino Game and a Set of Six-Face Cubic Colored Dice” on the grounds that the patent application was directed at an abstract idea and...

USPTO Profiles Women Inventors

In early 二月 2019, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) released a document titled “Progress and Potential: A profile of women inventors on U.S. Patents.” Packed with interesting information about how and where women inventors have contributed to...

Patenting a Championship

Innovations that Made the Super Bowl Safer and Cooler Super Bowl LIII is in the books with a record-breaking win. Like every Super Bowl before it, this year’s NFL championship was a spectacle not only of talent, but also technology. Unlike past championships, this...

Patent Workflow and InfoPros

Differentiate your firm and help your attorneys gain a competitive edge with customizable, innovative services that span the entire patent workflow. LexisNexis IP provides solutions across the patent workflow that allow you to collaborate with your attorneys resulting in successfully preparing, drafting, prosecuting, defending, monitoring, and managing patents. Enhance workflow, valuable insights, and strategic decision making for your attorneys with LexisNexis IP.

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