Custom Patent Analytics Services for Prosecution

LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® Custom Analysis

Chart your own course

The deep resources you need for customized answers to difficult questions

发掘您自己需要耗费大量时间才能发现或甚至难以发现的见解。凭借大量强大的数据集支持,以及专利审查专家解读的分析,获取根据您的需要量身定制的报告。PatentAdvisor® 定制分析可根据您的特定数据为您提供可行分析结果。所有定制报告都作为独立服务提供。

Custom Reports for Alice

Patents are being issued that have circumvented Alice—make yours one of them

Do not let Alice rejections become a major roadblock or area of uncertainty. Get a customized report specific to your Alice applications. Custom Reports for Alice are available as stand-alone reports to provide comprehensive, case-specific PTAB data that identifies the claims impacted by Section 101 rejections. Understand how to increase your chances of success and use the information to reduce costs for Alice rejections in pending cases.

Custom Data Queries

Made-to-order data sets

You know the information you need, and LexisNexis can provide the data to get you there. Made-to-order data sets delivered in spreadsheet format for your custom queries.

Examples include:

  • Terminal disclaimers filed in your applications
  • Lists of applicable patent references for your cases

Custom API Requests

Get direct access

Access documents from the USPTO PAIR system directly from your docketing or internal data management system.

Bulk download document sets including:

  • All office actions issued in a particular portfolio
  • Application documents or full bibliographic data

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