Examiner Lottery Framework™

Predict the likelihood of winning the examiner lottery with exclusive metrics in LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®

The future of patent prosecution has arrived. Are you ready?

Variability exists at every level of the USPTO, even within individual art units

Patent examiner variability exists at every level of the Patent Office, now you can easily see how the variability impacts your pending patent applications. The proprietary new metrics in LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® will help you predict the likelihood of winning the examiner lottery for your application.

Achieve the best possible outcomes for your patent applications

PatentAdvisor Examiner ETA™

The color-coded Examiner ETA™ is the single most informative way to predict Patent Examiner behavior. Examiners are categorized as red, yellow or green and the color is tied to the level of difficulty associated with getting a patent granted with that type of examiner.

ETA Distribution™

This metric demonstrates examiner variability by allowing you to see the exact number of each type of examiner in any USPTO defined group of examiners — tech center, tech center group or art unit.

Lottery Map™

This visual representation shows you the likelihood of being assigned to a specific type of examiner. When used in combination with LexisNexis PathWays™, you can effectively target tech center groups where you are more likely to be assigned to a green examiner, for any specific patent application.

Maximize Your Outcomes with LexisNexis PathWays™

Use these metrics in collaboration with PathWays™ to maximize your chances of winning the examiner lottery, prior to filing, so that you know how to tailor your patent application to target the most favorable tech center group.

LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®




审查员检索:允许您按审查员的名字检索专利分析的可过滤的、审查员特定的仪表板,包括拒绝特定的统计数据、上诉统计数据、审查统计数据、面谈统计数据、RCE 积压和时间表。

通过提供目前可获取的最强大的申请详细资料,包括审查员时间表、审查员授予率和审查意见通过的平均时间和数量,QuickPair 轻松取代了美国专利商标局公共 PAIR 系统。

PatentAdvisor 是首款数据驱动型专利策略工具,为制定有效的审查策略提供了系统的方法。了解某些专利申请为何比其他申请需要更长的时间才能获得核准,然后利用这些知识来设计更好的专利审查策略。


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